Summer: Success or Bust?

I am not going to start this post by lying and saying my summer was awesome. I truly had some rough days. Days where I didn't want to get out of bed or leave my apartment. Avoiding phone calls from bill collectors. (Which I've been avoiding those calls for years.) Trying to pretend I was... Continue Reading →


4 Months & Counting

  This is where I show love to the people who have supported my blog during this difficult time. Being unemployed plays with your mental state. Being able to have a creative outlet has helped me stay focus. I appreciate all of you for your words of encouragement. One of the blessings of being unemployed... Continue Reading →

Internet Trolls

  The internet can be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I can deal with constructive criticism, but I will not deal with flat out disrespect. People are very bold on social media. They will say a lot of things they would utter out in public that they do online. I... Continue Reading →

Journal: Trying to Find Myself

Journal Entry #1  8/11/17 8:37PM Modesto, CA I am always looking for ways to improve myself. I never want to stay the same. At the same time, I don't want to change who I am. I aim to create a better me and not a different me. I am looking to improve my career, network,... Continue Reading →

Target Audience Survey Part II

This is post is long overdue (remember the previous blog post "Survey Says..."). In the previous post "Survey Says..." I was trying to find my target audience was. As an influencer, it's very important to find out who my demographic is. I want to be relatable with the things I say and do on my... Continue Reading →

Before: The Snapchat Meetup Review

Can I just relive last weekend? Too bad no one has invented a time machine yet. Luckily I still have photos and videos from last weekend. Besides just being in Vegas, I got to meet some incredible people. Due to my own insecurities I thought no one would be interested in ever meeting up with... Continue Reading →

Supporting Each Other

Today I seen a post on Instagram about how people are not supportive of their friends business as they are about celebrity gossip. All you have to do is hit the share button on Facebook. You can make a quick snap telling your followers to check out a new business. It would be nice if... Continue Reading →

Being Unsure

I love getting feedback from people whenever I post something on social media. Who I am on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter is really who I am as a person. AT2 is not a character, I am AT2 (Andre Turner II). Recently I have been getting a lot of compliments. I am a sucker for... Continue Reading →

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