How Do I Cure My Popularity Ailment?

What does it mean to be popular? Do you have to have a hundred, thousand, or a million followers to be considered popular? Does popularity equate to happiness? What can I do to be more popular? I caught myself getting wrapped up in this quest to become an influencer. I feel that I am already... Continue Reading →

Am I That Ugly!?

I ask myself this question all the time. I feel that I tear myself down more than others. Social media can make you feel worst. I think I have great content! Why am I not famous already? If I was better looking, I would already be famous. Unfortunately I was not born The Rock, Denzel,... Continue Reading →

Snapcodes Have Changed!

  This is probably not groundbreaking news for anyone who is social media savvy; however, I noticed recently I have been sharing my snapcode a lot and only getting about 2-5 new followers a day. I was thinking, "Wow, I got more followers when I wasn't even sharing my code." (At one point I would... Continue Reading →

Are We Friends?

I've asked myself this question plenty of times. Can you have a genuine friendship with a stranger you met on social media? Yes, I have trust issues; however, I find myself being open to sharing my life with complete strangers. I have lived at the same apartment complex for 4 years and I don't even... Continue Reading →

Survey Says…

The title of the last article was "Who Is Your Audience?" Since I receive the most interaction on Snapchat, I decided to use it to do my research. I surveyed 45 people on Snapchat and asked the following questions: Ethnicity Age Group Location (State or Country outside the U.S.) Male or Female Of course I have... Continue Reading →

Who is your audience?

You probably thought I was going to answer the question that I asked in this title. This question was more me asking you. This is something I struggle with. As a business, you should know your demographic. Social media is a business! You are either selling a service, goods, or yourself. Who is your target... Continue Reading →

Who Is Rhonda Jane?

In Fall 2016 I was asked by Owner Rhonda J. Lowe to be a brand ambassador for her new 420 chic online boutique Rhonda Jane & Half Baked Boys. This boutique was inspired by the 90's stoner cult classic "Half Baked." The name Jane comes from the lead character Mary Jane, played by Rachel True. Rhonda was born and raised... Continue Reading →

Snapchat Meet Up 2017

Have you ever wanted to meet your favorite Snappers in person? I thought it would be a great idea to organize a Snapchat Meet Up. This was of course when I was employed. Now how the hell am I going to pull this off? A lot of prayer LOL! I can say I am down... Continue Reading →

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